No, I’m not a Spice Girl

Hey everyone! My name is Shannen Spiess. Spe-ss. Everyone pronounces ‘spice’ and then everyone always asks me if I’m a spice girl. That’s hilarious…not after you’ve heard it a million times.

Anyway, I’m 19, a junior studying English and minoring in journalism and communications at SUNY Albany. I’m from Westchester Couny which is about 45 minutes from New York City. I live in Scarsdale which has a reputation for being really rich, spoiled, white and primarily jewish. I’m none of those things.

My life philosphy, alot of you are rolling your eyes right now, is everything happens for a reason. Everything in life you have to learn from those experiences and learn and grow from them. I believe that life and all the mistakes that come with it, make you stronger.  

Ok. That’s it. Other posts won’t be this intense and deep, I promise.


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