Summary of two articles on Homophobia

More Than Words: The Associated Press Stamps Out Homophobia

This article basically talks about how the AP Style Book talks about why the suffix “phobia” is not allowed to be used in journalist writing anymore. Why? Because they think that the term is “politically and socially incorrect.” It then focuses on the word ‘homophobia’ talking about what the words means and how it is portrayed in social constructs and why it is taken to such extremes. The article used a tweet from Morgan Freeman saying; “I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole.” The article then plays devils advocate saying; “The AP editors drew attention to a worthy problem, but by trying to solve it by subtraction, they deny its complexity, and in the process pass up the kind of inventive linguistic challenge they should be embracing.”

The Kitchen Table #394 – Ending Homophobia In Magic

This article follows a man named Abe Sargent and his experience with homophobia and the societal views that people have on it. However, he put a twist on the whole thing. He was in fourth grade and he told a lie; that he was gay and he was called a bunch of names like “Gay-braham” and “Gaybe.” He continues to make his article personal by continuing his journey through being gay by talking to people, realizing people’s views on being gay, and hiring other people in the LGBT community to see how they relate to other people. He does something really interesting at the end with a P.S. He critiques the word homophobia. He basically says that the word homophobia is a word that leaves many people out like transsexuals or transgendered.



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