Kevin Marshall

“It’s really important to write everyday,” Kevin Marshall, a writer for the Times Union.

He started out blogging on no other than this very website. The Times Union noticed him by his blog and Marshall has been working with them for about 18 months. However, The Times Union doesn’t dish out any of the green for bloggers so Marshall moved to UFC.

Kevin Marshall was asked, “What makes a good blog?” and his response was nice and clear: “having content that’s engaging is almost as good as having a good resume. You have writing samples and you write well.”

Other tips include:

  • Something that a good, focused beat or topic
  • Convey familiarity, or genuine interest or passion with your beat.
  • Have your own voice with your blog; don’t be snappy or condescending

“95% of blog comments are weirdoes- people that write things just for the sake of writing. Its good when an author actually responds to a reader. Respect your readers!” Marshall states.

Marshall has two blogs, one for work and one for himself. His personal blog covers everything from MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), kickboxing, and coverage for Knick Ledger.

Marshall, as well as writing a blog, reads them as well. Some of his favorites are Jezebel, iO9, and Keepalbanyboring.


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One Response to Kevin Marshall

  1. Rosemary Armao says:

    What is UFC? You have to find out and use the full name the first time you use it.

    Look up percents in AP stylebook because you have it wrong. Also wrong is “people that” and “its good.” Ugh Look at the one-to-the-last sentence and remove at least one of the “as well.”


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