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Facebook’s privacy policy…read it!

“Choosing to make your information public is exactly what it sounds like: anyone, including people off of Facebook, will be able to see it” are Facebook’s exact words about their privacy policy. Advertisements

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Kevin Marshall

“It’s really important to write everyday,” Kevin Marshall, a writer for the Times Union. He started out blogging on no other than this very website. The Times Union noticed him by his blog and Marshall has been working with them for … Continue reading

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Love yourself

Students walk around this campus pretending to be confident but what’s really going on inside their minds? Awareness is brought up by Middle Earth to topics such as alcoholism and depression but something that is briefly covered are eating disorders.

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As the cold winter approaches people buckle up in cozy sweaters, big winter coats, mittens and hats. However, have you ever felt SAD during these cold brutal winter months? NIMH investigates.

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Naptime in college? Whaaat?!

Woah! Check this out! 1) Listen up teachers everywhere! “NIMH grantee Alan Hobson, M.D., Robert Stickgold, Ph.D., and colleagues at Harvard University show that a midday snooze reverses information overload.” In other words, give us back our nap time!

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Turning an ugly duckling into a swan

Hey everyone so my next post is going to get a little deep so bear with me. My assignment was, in blantant terms, to use five songs that represent your life. So my plan is to take you through a … Continue reading

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