Hey guys so I’m following a bete now! I’m a really big supporter of mental health; depression, anxiety, OCD, and everything in between and I found this awesome sight that’s all about it. It does research, clinical trials, prevention techniques, and strategies on how to cope if you have a mental health problem. It’s called the National Institute of Mental Health. I subscribed to get the latest and greatest they have to offer so keep checking me out for the newest updates!


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I've learned how important it is to not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong
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One Response to NIMH

  1. Rosemary Armao says:

    Good choice for a BEAT, not beta. And you have found some good SITES, not sights.

    You have to go beyond touting good finds on the Internet in your subject area to begin really covering this beat. Talk to people and get their story. Make some sources in the psychology or other medical departments on campus.

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