I’m actually a Journalism minor and an English major. I minored in Journalism because it was really interesting to me. I loved the whole world of reporting on news, finding facts, and getting into the heart of things. It also went really well with my major which is a plus.

It’s taught me a lot of things; to be more conscious of the news around me, to be more electronic, and how the world of news has changed. I try to read the New York Times more and I do my best to keep up with every day news. I’ve learned how to write ledes, and how to write clear stories.

Journalism has also taught me to write completely different from English which is challenging and I love a challenge. In Journalism you’re taught to write very concise and just what is needed for your story while in English you write basically everything you are taught; your thoughts, theories, and information.

My view on Journalism has changed since I became a minor. It’s changed because of a teacher I had last year; he made it sound really boring and it made me much less inspired. I know that one teacher shouldn’t affect something that I love but I couldn’t help think that he was right. He went on and on about how journalism is a dying field and how everyone should reconsider what they wanted to do. It made me feel really bad and I cannot get what he said out of my head ever since.


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I've learned how important it is to not necessarily to be strong but to feel strong
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