Obama talks Change…again.

Barack Obama closes out the Democratic National Convention tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina. Obama is under a lot of pressure after former president Bill Clinton rocked the microphone with his 50 minute, 100% accurate, memorable and passionate speech.

Obama spoke at 10:30 pm and surprise, his motto…Change…again. He spoke about his healthcare plan, giving tax breaks instead of tax cuts, supporting small and large companies, creating more jobs, and continuing to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Obama also spoke heavily on our significant increase on using environmentally friendly items to help the earth, and education.

“Education is the gateway to everything,” Obama said. He said he was going to cut interest on student loans, fight the increase on student tuition, and increase the hiring of teachers and budgets of schools.

So, did he do it readers? Did he convince you that he is going to change America?


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