Be careful facebook users!

I recently viewed a website in class, , and it was all about the multimedia universe can affect future employment. I interviewed two of my suite-mates about their feelings about posting pictures and how they felt there pages can affect their future employment opportunities.

My first interviewee was Amanda Komulainen a junior studying English and biology. The main focus of my interview was her view on posting certain pictures on Facebook. “If you can blatantly see what you are drinking, like brand name vodka, I wouldn’t post it but if its like red solo cups I don’t have a problem with that because it doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol is in them.” I then asked Amanda if she would change anything about her profile when it came time to search for a job and she said; “When looking for jobs, I’ll delete some stuff but I have really high security so I’m not really that worried.”

“When I see pictures of people drinking on Facebook, I don’t judge,” Daniella Defonte a junior stated during the second interview, “I don’t really put up pictures in general.” Not at all? I ask. “Not really, at least of drinking. I post more on Twitter of funny things. Why look at dumb people being drunk when you can laugh?” When asked about her profile on Facebook she said, “I do prefer Twitter but my Facebook has really high security so I’m not worried about people looking at my pictures or anything.”

Both Amanda and Daniella said that they weren’t afraid that their profiles were going to affect their chances of getting them a job.


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2 Responses to Be careful facebook users!

  1. I liked the responses you received for the questions you asked and the way you introduced the two people you interviewed. Also your layout for your blog is cute!

  2. I thought it was good that you had really detailed replies for the people you interviewed, but it was a little confusing how you worded the questions you asked. Also, it would have been nice to hear some of your opinions on the affects of social media in the job world. I also thought it was very detailed and well-written.

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